A walk on my life path

I’ve never done a post like this, but I decided it’s necessary for all the people who will come into my blog, because I’ve never told my story and I want somehow people to know that Second Life isn’t just a game where you spend hours and hours, but it is something more, because behind the avatars, there are real persons, with feelings, and I really hope that with this blog post at least few people will tell their story, what brought them to Second Life, and how they got where they’re, because we’re not just some avatars, we’re humans.

My name is amyalka Resident, In real life I am Ana-Maria, I have 22 years old, and 4 years ago I came to Second Life because my heart was broken, and because of that I wanted a distraction, I wanted to find something new, a new purpose but at the beginning things weren’t that easy. Me in real life I have a bone disease, which makes me be a short person so my height is no more than 130 cm, my disease has changed my life, made me stronger but in the same time made me less social than the rest of the people would love me to be, and 4 years ago, I had my heart broken, after a 2 years of relationship and because I am not such a social person and I am a big fan of games I wanted to try Second Life so I can take my mind off from the problems, from the world and this is how my story starts: When I first walked on Second Life platform, I’ve never thought that I’d do a modelling course, or that I’d be the manager of one of the greatest team from Second Life, when I came in Second Life, I was a total noob, I didn’t know what I’m going to do, what I should do, that’s why after a month or so I left Second Life, even if I just got there, I left it because I felt very boring, like, very, very boring. I didn’t had lindens, I didn’t had clothes, I had nothing, and I was lost and bored, so I left the Second Life. But after a year or close to that I came back, I was determinate to do something, to try it, but this time try it for real, and I started searching myself a job, I looked on the Second Life Community, and there I found an announce from Reign Congrejo, the owner of The Best of Second Life Sim and Magazine, and she was looking for a manager, and I was like.. Ok, that shouldn’t be THAT hard, I should apply, and I did, and my life started from there. It bloom like a flower, I told her that I do not have so much experience in Second Life working, but I had my own real skills and that’s what she needed me to be, use my skills, and beside my skills she taught me a lot of things and I grew up with her, with the entire team behind BOSL and it was really nice, I felt like that’s my family from Second Life, because they were never my bosses or something, they are my family.
A walk on my life path
But beside this, I wanted to learn more, I wanted to be more, so after few time of saving my lindens I decided to try and apply for a modelling course, Reign Congrejo it’s the owner of Miss Virtual World too beside the BOSL, and because I didn’t really knew what other modelling agency they’re out there, I decided to apply on her modelling agency because where is the best place to be if not around the people you know and you trust, that was like in March or close to that.. When I started this I had no clue of like anything, I was a total mess, I was like a noob but every class from that modelling courses awaken something in me, even if at one point I wanted to drop out, but that was because my real life, back in that month I had to move out from my country to another country at my dad, and I didn’t really knew when I will be moving out so I was pretty stuck in my decision, so I wanted to drop out, but Reign pushed me not to drop out, so I continued my courses, my classes, every day for as much as they were and at the end of the courses, I was pretty amazed that I graduated.
A walk on my life path
I mean I started in Second Life 4 years and 1 day ago (today I saw that I made 4 years of Second Life on 21.08.2016), I was a total noob, without a clue of what I’m going to do, or what should I do, and after 4 years I ended up being part of a great team, being a model, graduating one of the best Modelling Agencies from Second Life and I made my dreams come true, and I work every day for that dream and I really, really love what I do, everything I do it’s with passion and love, and that’s the key for the success I guess, believe in you, be strong, fight for what you wish for, and work, a lot of work. And even if in real life I am not so social, Second Life has changed me somehow, because now I am not so much afraid of talking with people and making new connections, so no, for me Second Life isn’t just a game where I spend time, it’s much more than that.I know it’s a long post, but this is my blog, and I want it to be like my Second Life/Real Life journal, but not a private journal, but something I can share with you all, so if you want to tell your story and share it with me, I’d be glad to hear it.

C R E D I T S:

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 @Maitreya

Head:  CATWA HEAD Nicki [Static Head]  @Catwa (Static Head)

Skin: BT:Pinky “Catwa Applier” @Boataom

Eyes: MESANGE – Foliage Eyes 1  @Mesange

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Ami  @Truth

Outfit: [Modern.Couture] Clothing – Petunia Gold Dress @Swank

Jewelry Set: The Fair Olivia Set White @Chop Zuey

Shoes: #EMPIRE – Buddleja @#EMPIRE

Pose: IsoMotion – Runway @IsoMotion

Location: The Rains of Castamere



Boataom Pinky


Pinky is the new release from Boataom, and it’s a Catwa applier. This skin comes in 3 tones: Mayonaise ; PieOrange and White. Each of this skin tones has 1 version without dimple and 1 version with dimple, 5 eyebrows tones ; 6 lipsticks, 1 eyeliner and 1 freckles options.


Above It’s a non edited picture with each tone of the 3 options you have, and 3 options of lipsticks I’ve been using. I have to admit that I am in love with this skin applier and how realistic it looks. It’s very nice and so girly, for sure it’s my new favorite.

Beside this I’m wearing today some new eyes from Mesange, this eyes can be find Designer Circle and they’re called Kelpie Eyes, also the dress I’m wearing it’s from Kyoko Couture and can be found at Creator Collection Box and it’s called KC*M No.17[Emma]Mint.

C R E D I T S:

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 @ Maitreya

Head:  CATWA HEAD Nicki [Static Head]  @ Catwa (Static Head)

Skin: BT:Pinky “Catwa Applier” @ Boataom

Eyes: Mesange – Kelpie Eyes 5 @ Designer Circle

Hair: Doe: April (TwoTone) – Monotone @ Doe

Lipstick: Erde: lipstick Sophi @ The Slay Monthly

Outfit: KC*M No.17[Emma]Mint @ Creator Collection Box

Necklace: =Zenith=vintage pearl necklace with key 6 @ Zenith

Headdress: *LODE* Head Accessory – Wild Bloom [peach] @ The Forest

Shoes: #EMPIRE – Gaillardia @ Empire

Boataom Carmen Mesh Head


This is my first picture made in SL in ages, something that I am really proud of it, but, beside this, I’m going to talk about the Boataom Carmen Mesh Head. Carmen is the 3.0 version from all the heads that Boataom has in her store.

This is the new and latest release from Boataom, Carmen comes in 3 differently tones of skin to choose from,also you have the fatpack version too, where everything is included.The head has included everything, the make-up hud, hairbase hud, eyelashes & freckles, animations, the 2 heads (blink and no blink version). Also on the animation hud there are 3 options for the eyes which work only with the no blink version.


The lipstick hud contains 38 versions of lipstick, they’re all included in whatever way you’ll choose (the fatpack or every skin tone) .

 The animation hud contains 11 animations + 3 eye options for the no blink head, the animations work amazing ..



The eyeshadow hud contains 37 version of eyeshadows ; And the hairbase contains 29, also beside this the freckles contains 7 freckles and 8 eyelashes and 8 ear skins.

Their appliers work with Maitreya, Belleza and Slink so you can wear the head with your favorite mesh body, but the only problem is that, right now out there aren’t designers for this head so far, so the options of skins is limited, but in case someone feels brave to make skins in the store you’ll find the Developer kit.

C R E D I T S:

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 @ Maitreya

Mesh Head: Carmen Mesh head 3.0 @ Boataom

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Leafy // Sky Eye @ SaNaRae

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ryleigh @ Wasabi Pills (Fifty Linden Fridays)

Dress: Belle Epoque { Maddie } @ The Forest

Gum: GUM for pics // MUSCHI @ MUSCHI

Let’s talk about Mesh Bodies Part.2


This is my second part talking about the mesh bodies, and my main subject right now is Maitreya and how easy it’s to work out with it.This is going to be again a long post  so if you are curious about the Maitreya or you’re thinking to get a body and you’re not sure how to use it, or how easy is to work with it well then keep on reading.

In my last blog post Let’s talk about Mesh Bodies Part.1 I was talking about why I choose Maitreya and why I think Maitreya is a nice investment for a new person into the Mesh World, so in case you missed feel free to read it.

Now, I am going to show you the interface of the hud that Maitreya has and how simple is to use it and work with it.


The first page from the hud allows you to hide the parts of the body, per example, if you’re wearing a dress that was made with the standard sizing and not for the Maitreya body the dress may look like this.


isn’t working very well with my body, so, now I have to play with my hud and try to make this dress to look very well.Because even if isn’t for Maitreya the dress may work very nice, as long as I know what parts of the body should I hide, so my body won’t show up as alpha OR the body to pop-up in my dress, in my case this was the best combination, and I’ve made the dress to work very nice.


So after I’ve played with the alpha’s in my hud I could wear my dress without any problem.And now my dress looks like this


BUT, when you’re wearing a dress made with standard sizing you need to figure it out what size is your shape, mine usually is between M and S, so I’m always choosing this sizes from the outfits that aren’t made for Maitreya, so you really need to figure this out and then try to work it out with the hud, BUT (another but) sometimes, you can’t do miracles with the dresses, so don’t be disappointed if some of your old outfits won’t fit you well at all, it happens that too, so just delete that in case you don’t want to wear it anymore, or wear it with the standard body.

The second page from the hud shows you what you have ON, on your body, they’re called appliers. So if you want to wear a tattoo made for Maitreya body it will appear a white pant or top in one of the three categories, depends what you’ve been choosing, underwear, tattoo or clothing, and depends on what you’re wearing you can turn on the gloves and/or the socks, the 5 slots you see there are for you to save your tattoo/clothing or whatever you want to wear and not scroll through your entire inventory to find it, let’s say you’re wearing a nice tattoo and you want to wear it all the time, the slots will give you the possibility to save that tattoo and whenever you want to use it, you’ll just press 1 button from the 5 slots available there, when you want to get rid of what you have on, you just press the clear button.The same thing happens with the alpha’s slots, you can save your preset from the alpha, and when you use that dress, you just press one button and voila, your alpha it’s right there.It’s saving you time so I really encourage you to use it.In my last blog post about the mesh bodies, I said that Maitreya is Omega compatible, that means you can wear anything that is made with Omega support, from tattoo’s to clothing and etc.

But to do so you need a hud, like a bridge between Maitreya and the Omega hud, this hud it’s called Omega System Kit – Maitreya his price is only 99L$ and you can wear everything from skins to tattoo’s to clothes.This hud looks like this 321840d97a394ac144c2710e2931a9d0 after you unpack it, and you don’t have to do anything with it, just wear it,and then attach the hud that it’s Omega Support, in my case I’m wearing this hud f7461c7c3e981d215a7cbd0b1e7b8f11

it’s a lingerie hud with Omega Support from diva! . I am wearing this hud + the Relay Hud for Maitreya and when I’m pressing one color from the hud, this image will pop-up 1f8ee501416e1f3d0633fcd0d6e1edbf and from here I’m choosing the clothing and the outfit made by diva! which is Omega Support will appear on my Maitreya body and I’ll be looking like this Snapshot_004

And this is how you’re using almost anything on your Maitreya body, if you still have questions you can always e-mail me at: catherineroyal.contact@yahoo.ro or in-world at: amyalka Resident and I’ll try to help you out.

C R E D I T S:

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 @ Maitreya

Head:  CATWA HEAD Nicki [Static Head]  @ Catwa (Static Head)

Skin: DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head “Octavia” @ The Forest

Eyes: MESANGE – Under the Sun Eyes 5 Little Dreams

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Arden –  variety @ Truth

Eyeshadow: Erde: eyeliner Marina @ Applique 

Lipstick: Erde: lipstick Jordan @ Erde

Nail Polish: alaskametro❤ “Kimono” nail art appliers @ Bon Voyage

Outfit: TOPAZIA-  LINA SWIMSUIT duo pastel color 1 @ Topazia

Headdress: Astralia – common peonis (yellow) @ Kustom9 (January Edition)

Necklace: Virtual Diva Bella Jewelry  Set Silver @ Swank

Dress #2: .:Vitrimi:. Drape Dress Gift @ .:Vitrimi:.

Lingerie: diva! Daisy @ Swank

The Forest – August Round


This month August is the second round for The Forest.The Forest is a new event in Second Life, something similar to Luxe Box, BUT the designers are not always the same,the number of the designers can vary from 17 up to 26 designers, and to have access to all of this goodies you have to buy a ticket which costs 1000 L$.The event starts from 1st August until 25th August, and you can buy a ticket until the event is over, you do not have an amount of time, since The Forest it’s open until he closes you have the chance to get your items.Today I am wearing some of the items from The Forest and I am very happy of what I got, 21 items at a price of 1000 L$ for me it’s a big saving.

On The Forest event you’ll find designers as:

Black Bantam



The Skinnery and so much more (you can see the participating stores here).


Beside the items from The Forest today I am wearing the new release from Glamistry called Glamistry – CAMILLA Heels and the new face tattoo from Erde called Erde: face tattoo Owl mind which can be found on the Pose Lover Event .

C R E D I T S:

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 @ Maitreya

Skin: [theSkinnery] Jessica (honey & toffee) @ The Forest

Eyes: .ARISE. Moon Eyes / Sky @.ARISE.

Hair: pr!tty – Koko – {All Color Huds} @ The Forest

Eyeliner: Veechi – Glitter Liners [Gold] @ Veechi

Lipgloss: alaskametro<3 “LiquidShine” lipgloss – Mocha @ alaskametro

Tattoo Face: Erde: face tattoo Owl mind Pose Lover

Outfit: ::{u.f.o}::ruffle blouse + denim skirt @ The Forest

Jewelry: SPELL :  Vintage Jewels @ The Forest

Shoes: Glamistry – CAMILLA Heels @ Glamistry

Puppy: [Black Bantam] Labrador Male Puppies @ The Forest